It’s often said that when one picks a fancy for a design, one goes all out to make it happen. That is exactly the story behind this beautiful tattoo .
As I browsed through tattoo designs in different sites and books, what caught my attention was a small picture of an eagle swooping on a snake and at the same time, a dragon trying to capture the eagle. I just fell in love with the concept, though not necessarily with that particular design. From there started my journey of trying to create what I could already see in my mind’s eye.
Over time, a concrete form was created, taking in bits and pieces of different designs and a lot more added to it from my side. The change I definitely wanted to make was that the snake would actually be coiled around the left thigh – starting at the knee) and would come up to the lower back. A huge eagle covering most of the back would swoop onto it and of course the dragon was there too.
The snake, dragon and eagle represent the three worlds and also the three elements of water, fire and earth. It also stands for the never-ending struggle of life.
The search was then to find the right model to carry this piece of art. In Zico, I found the perfect fit. He was tall, fair and had the right body structure. I discussed the idea with him and Zico totally fell in love with the design. Its interesting that someone who had not got a single tattoo, was ready to get inked Over the next 6 to 8 months, we inked the tat over 6 sessions. Both Zico and I plan to complete the colouring this year but in its black and grey form, it truly stands out as one amazing tat.
To Zico’s credit, he took the pain and had the patience to bear up with numerous sittings. Today, he proudly carries it on his back and if I may say so – finds reason to take his shirt off. May this tat bring Zico luck, happiness and health.
Wishing Zico all the very best through life.