“Too much of a Good Thing can be wonderful!” – Mae West.
If I were to describe the emotion I go through each day when I look at this outstanding Piece of Art, and the rush that fills me every time someone stares at it and reacts, ‘Wonderful’ would be an understatement!!

Credits for My Tattoo, from design to inking( and also the muster-up-your-courage talks) goes to entirely to Kayo. The day I first saw the layout, I knew it
wasn’t just an ‘Artists Impression’ of some sort. It indeed had a very strong underlying meaning to it. And in my opinion, each and every tattoo should have some
purpose behind them. He had painted, what seemed like, a Carbon Copy of the thoughts and the images he had running in his mind!!

The Five Elements of nature, depicted through a Fiery dragon, a menacing eagle and a venomous viper, in constant conflict with each other, is what my first ever Tattoo depicts! And I am grateful,fortunate and blessed for having someone like Mr.Kayomarz Shroff work on me. His work is impeccable. His technique matches that of International Standards. His creativity is unique.He is devoted to his art and work. In simpler words, he is just AWESOME!!

So all of you out there, who love art, love Tattoos, and would love each moment of their lives to be cherished and remembered by something, you have found your answer right here!
Welcome to the Miami Ink of the East!
I wish Mr.Shroff the very best in all his future endeavours.
Shine On,