A jujitsu expert, a self defence trainer and a tattoo lover all weaved into one – that’s what Vignesh is.
Vignesh came through a reference . The first thing about Vignesh that one notices is his very calm composed self with total clarity of what he wants . When he called me up and shared the design he wanted inked, it was clear that here was a person who had done a lot of research, browsed through hundreds of pics, before picking up exactly what he wanted. If that wasn’t all, he had written to the artist and taken his permission to ink this on himself. It was a chest piece with a Japanese tat design of Oni – the Japanese demon. As I gazed at the design one could only admire it .
A year later Vignesh was back for more. This time it was a beautiful koi fish for his arm. As usual his meticulous search was evident. Interestingly, whenever Vignesh has shared the design he has wanted, I have never even felt the urge to offer options as they are always so perfect. He shared how over time he would like to have all this tattoos to be connected to form a half side tattoo coat. Vignesh’s love for Japanese tattoos is evident. I believe this is a start and honestly I am waiting for the day when we would have completed the tattoo coat.
To Vignesh , tattoos are an extension of the self. Here’s to seeing him extend his potential, his strengths and his inner confidence and we at Silver Phoenix consider it a privilege to be in some way connected with his progress and growth through life.