Rayomand (Rayo for short) was one of those who hunted me down. Originally from Kolkata and studying in Hyderabad, Rayomand happened to see a back tattoo that I have done for Zico ( Tattoo of the Month Jan 2013). He immediately decided that he wanted me to ink him.
A go getter that he is, Rayomand called me from Hyderabad wanting me to ink him. It was about 4 months later that Rayomand landed in Bangalore and gave me a call. We had a great discussion, had a look at his existing tattoo, and enquired what he really wanted. To my surprise Rayo was non-committal on the design. He insisted that he would go by whatever I thought was the right one for him.
Honestly that puts more pressure. Rayo is a hard metal fan. I decided to create something for him which was gothic in look and feel and yet has a very positive future outlook. The design is created in a manner that the lower half is macabre and ghastly while the upper half is full of hope and positivity. As I put the various parts together, we had skulls, smoke, barbed wire and clouds but we also had rays of light, roses, angelic wings and one eye for the Almighty, all assembled within a tribal ensemble. . I whatsapped him the pic and had an immediate “Yes”.
The tat was inked in one sitting of 4 hours. Rayo is one easy guy to get along with. We chatted in general, got to know him better and all along the design started taking stage. We finally had what we had always wanted. Rayo is extremely happy to have his arm adorned by this huge tat. He was even more thrilled that his family too found it artistic and attractive.
Rayo has started pestering me for one more – and again as he says – “it has to be something you want to ink”. Wishing Rayo all the best with his tattoo and many more to come