If I could pin point the craziest tattoo fan I’ve ever known, it would be Raunak.
I met Raunak about the time I had just started inking. He approached me through a mutual friend for a tiger tattoo on his back. He also wanted some Japanese or Chinese text but wasn’t sure what. Working with Raunak was always fun. He was and is a paradoxical mix of ultimate reverence and wayward carefreeness. Based on our discussion and the artistic licence he gave me to come up with whatever I wanted, we finalised on a design of two tigers on his back – one on the right top near the shoulder blade and the second around left waist. Tigers to Raunak stood for fearlessness, energy and alertness. The design also have Japanese text running down the centre of his back . Translated in English it meant, “The Spirit of Life “. I should say the impact of the tat was great but true to Raunak, he wanted something more. “Uncle can you add some tribal to this – anything you want. I want you to directly ink it on me” he would keep requesting. What we finally had was a beautiful back piece with a Tribal abstract interlacing the Tiger piece. Raunak has named the two tigers Illa and Bela.
Over time Raunak has had many more tats inked. His left arm is inked from top to bottom with Maori designs . When he was permanently moving out of Bangalore he came one last time to ink just that little bit of skin that still showed . Raunak still reminds me of raw energy and a never say die attitude. I am still in touch with him and true to his words, I know he will find one excuse or another to come to Bangalore for more tattoos.
Wishing Raunak a great future and success through life. God Bless.