There are times when one finds a tattoo design that just captures one’s imagination and all the artist wants to do is find the right person to ink it on – someone whose body type is in sync with the design, someone who can carry your work with pride and élan.
That is exactly what happened when I found a beautiful design of gun and roses. Everything about it appealed to me – the shading in the roses, the intricate work on the butt of the gun, the very combination of evil and good . Even the very artistic positioning of the tat from ribs to hip. What I now needed was someone to carry my pride and joy.
Sudip turned out to be just that fit. His lean muscular body complemented the design. My biggest fear was that Sudip may not like the design as the roses don’t seem to be every boy’s idea of a tattoo design. Thankfully , Sudip liked it instantly and agreed to go with the 21”long tat. He came over to discuss the design but the moment he saw the full size sketch, he wanted to get inked right there are then. And that’s what we did.
Three sessions of 4 hours each later, we had the tat completed.
Sudip loves the tat. As he puts it, it symbolises the good and the bad in each of us. The tat itself is unique for another reason – each rose is the size of an actual real rose. The gun too is made to real size. Sudip is proud of his lovely tat and believes it adds something more to him.
May the tat bring Sudip lot of luck and happiness. Here’s wishing Sudip all the best.