Mishal approached me through a mutual friend 6 months back. He had been wanting a Japanese Ying Yang tattoo. He had been researching the subject for some time and met me with a clear request of a Ying Yang tat for his back with a Tiger and Dragon on either side. Seeing his enthusiasm we decided to go for a slightly larger tat. I also did my own additions to the tat . The moment Mishal saw the design he was all for it and we inked it a week later.
Even as we inked the tat, Mishal shared that he would at some time want to include the Japanese body guards into the tat at some time, though he wanted help in terms of its placement and design.
As I stared at his tat, mullying on the idea of expanding it further with the body guards, it struck me that this was an opportunity to create a whole back piece. Mishal was game to go with it and over night I created a design with waves, clouds, smoke the body guards and the cherry blossoms – a la Japanese design. One look and Mishal wanted to come the very next day to start on his tat.
Mishal has been an epitome of patience and strength. He bore up with inking the design, the shading and the total of 9 sessions we took to complete it. In fact the 9th session was five and a half hours long because we were determined to complete it. Mishal adores his tattoo and has been proudly showing it to his friends . Would like to thank Mishal for giving me the opportunity to ink this beautiful tat. May it bring him luck and happiness life long.