I got to meet Ankur through a mutual friend. I still remember the day he messaged me about the tattoo he wanted. He sent me the design of the hawk but unlike anyone else, using his great photoshop skills, he had the design placed on the torso of a man so that I could see exactly how he wanted it – both from the front and the back. That clearly showed the innate detailing and care that Ankur stood for.
We had some great fun inking the hawk. I convinced him it needed to be bigger. We also did some interesting bits. The design was created in such a way that the wings went over the left shoulder and to the upper back with one plume converting into an “Om”. The other bit was of the plumes extending across the chest and onto the left arm. Yet if one were to lift the arm, the tattoo from the left chest extends onto the ribs in such a way that either way there is a continuation of the wings. If all this wasn’t enough, the plume on the arm joins a Shiva tattoo in the form of Goddess Ganga flowing out of his matted hair.
We took four sessions to complete the entire concept. Ankur loves his tat. It’s definitely an eye catcher and if one were to ever see him bare chested, you can’t miss the distinct lines of this beauty. Ankur has more than repaid for it by helping create a beauty for me – the cover page of this website. Can’t thank him enough for the mark (pun intended) we both have left on each other.