Shiva is a die-hard tattoo enthusiast. He met me through some mutual friends and since then he has always wanted to be inked with whatever I thought was good for him. He wouldn’t even want to see a design and would insist I draw freehand directly on him.
I have always been a fan of Maori tattoo designs and in Shiva I found a fit person to carry a rib tattoo, given his lean tall figure. When I mailed him this design, all he said was “Uncle when do I come”
We completed the tat over two sittings with Shiva bearing the pain. Without a doubt, the ribs are one of the most painful areas to get a tat on and I dare to say I wouldn’t be able to take the pain myself. But Shiva being Shiva, even though we were through nearly 4 hours of inking, he wanted me to continue and finish the tat including the shading in the second session itself.
The result has been truly magical. Shiva believes the tat has been bringing him luck (it symbolises blessings, love, progress and prosperity) and he has been doing exceptionally well in college from the tat this lovely Maori tat adorned his body.
Wishing Shiva all the best and many more lovely tats in the years to come.