About The Artist

When a corporate executive gives up his role to follow his passion, the result can only be magic. Kayo is one such trail blazer where the call of colours was loud and appealing. What followed were a stream of exceptionally artistic and eye catching tattoos that Kayo inked.

In his earlier days, Kayo dabbled in different forms of art including water colours, oil paints, glass painting and stained glass work. He was the School Art President and has won various awards during school and college. Kayo developed an interest in tattooing ten years back and has since been experimenting with different forms of tattooing. He has not only been trained in India but also in Cosmetic tattooing from Nouveau Contour, UK. Kayo has inked more than a thousand tattoo enthusiasts. For Kayo tattooing is a hobby turned into a profession. He specialises in large tattoos especially chests and full backs. He loves doing tribals, maori and celtic and has a keen interest in correction/ modification tattoos.

While on the one side Kayo loves the artistic medium, he is seriously aware of the lack of hygiene and standard processes in this field. Kayo himself is a certified tattooist. He has also read and closely tracks the tattooing standards in Australia, US and Canada. Kayo’s usp is hygiene and he uses only disposable equipment.

He is married to Beroz and has a beautiful daughter, Pallavi