March 2020

Featured Tattoo 2

Akash has been one of my earliest clients. I can actually say he has been one of my early practice canvas. I still remember him coming in with his close buddy Raunak. Tall, well – built physique and an air of superb confidence. “Uncle I want you to ink whatever you want ”,he had stated. No designs and templates for him. He wanted me to directly draw on his back and he would be fine with it. I kept insisting that he needed to see and approve of the design but my pleas went unheard. He sat through the experience without flinching an inch. Over the next three sessions we inked a tribal design on his back that went all the way round over the shoulder and onto the chest and also wrapping around his waist on both sides. Akash flaunted the tat like a hero.
Last month he was at my studio yet again – wanting a dragon tattoo which he wanted to fill his right arm with . We agreed on the design and slowly the tattoo took form. A second sitting of touch up and fine tuning and we had a magnificent two headed dragon. Akash and his friends have even named the dragons Shiro and Magnum.
Akash is over-joyed with his latest prize possession. As he puts it, each tat inked on him gives him positivity and good luck. I am sure this one too will see Akash happy and successful through life

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