February 2020

Featured Tattoo 1

There are some people who love tattoos and there are some out of them who love a particular tattoo style. Pruthvi is one such tattoo enthusiast who is just in love with maori tattoos.
I met Pruthvi a couple of years back when I inked his first tattoo – Archilles – the Roman hero on his back. Ever since Pruthvi has been back for other tattoos.
Pruthvi had wanted a maori tattoo which included wings. We discussed the idea and as I sat one day doodling designs , I suddenly put together this maori rib tattoo design of the Eagle. What I loved about it was its sleek feel, lovely curves and length. I immediately knew that if there was one person who could carry this off beautifully , it was Pruthvi.
Hardly had I mailed the design to Pruthvi that I got an instant consent. We did some more thinking, reduced the wings to one and there it was – the Maori eagle in all its grandeur. Like all Maori tattoos, there are designs within designs and each of them is symbolic. Pruthvi’s tattoo has waves, mountains, shark teeth, spear heads, the spirits and people . They stand for protection, prosperity and good look.
We completed the tattoo over 4 sittings and what we had is something enchanting.
Pruthvi proudly carries his awe inspiring tattoo on his lean frame with elan.
Here’s wishing Pruthvi all the blessings his latest tattoo brings with it.

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